Forest dept has blocked our road connection to city, We can't go to hospital...

Mukesh Baiga is calling for Chingavan village in Kusmi tahsil of Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh. He says there adivasi village is surrounded by river and there was only one road connecting to city from generations but forest department has blocked the road and it is very difficult to go to city now. Many people including pregnant women have died when they could not reach hospital in time. Pls call forest officials at 9424793668 and 9424793673 to help. Mukesh@8435167810

Posted on: Aug 01, 2014, by Mukesh Baiga

Anganwadi worker never comes, feeds grains meant for children to animals...

Santosh Tiwari is calling from Nirhan Tola of Barhula village thana Panvar tahsil Jaba in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh and alleges that their local Anganwadi worker never comes and have an assistant in village who says there is no nutritious food with them for pregnant women and children whereas grain is coming and is getting fed to their pet animals. The number of this assistant is 9752567179. Pls get this investigated to help. Tiwari@8349892785

Posted on: Aug 01, 2014, by Santosh Tiwari

Anganwadi worker hasn't come in 6 months, Teacher not coming for years...

Naresh Bunkar is telling us about Baiga village Gabhoda in Birhuldih panchayat, Pandaria block district Kabirdham Chhattisgarh. Anganwadi worker has not turned from 6 months. No food for children. One teacher in local school never comes. No mid-day meal is served in school. School building is under construction from 2008. It is not completed yet. You are requested to call SDM@8889702600 to help Baiga adivasi children. Naresh@8720822286

Posted on: Aug 01, 2014, by Naresh Bunkar

छोटा सा एक गाँव है, जाकर तो देखिये...

छोटा सा एक गाँव है, जाकर तो देखिये
कितना यहाँ तनाव है, जाकर तो देखिये
बेला-गुलाब-मोंगरा, सरसों के शहर में
काटों से बिछे जाल हैं, जाकर तो देखिये
कितना यहाँ तनाव है........
पगडंडियाँ सिकुड़ गईं, अपनों में खो गईं
चलते शहर के पाँव हैं, जाकर तो देखिये
कितना यहाँ तनाव है........
आभूषणों की बात तुम, करते हो गाँव में
सूने वधू के पाँव हैं, आकर तो देखिये
कितना यहाँ तनाव है........

Posted on: Aug 01, 2014, by Devi Pandey

आपका स्वास्थ्य आपके मोबाइल में: वात रोगों का पारंपरिक उपचार

Cgandrakant Sharma from Mungeli in Chhattisgarh is telling us about traditional method to treat Gout: Taking 10-40 ml juice of Five leaved chaste tree or taking 3-3 gms fine powder of roasted fenugreek after filtered by cotton cloth twice a day with water is useful. This can also be used in knee arthritis. Taking 20-50 ml decoction of dry ginger after adding 5-10 ml castor oil at bed time is also beneficial. Chandrakant Sharma@9893327457

Posted on: Aug 01, 2014, by Chandrakant Sharma

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