Today's news from newspapers in Gondi: 28th July 2015 -

देश के 11वें राष्ट्रपति रहे अब्दुल कलाम सोमवार को आइआइएम-शिलांग में लेक्चर देने आए थे। अपने अंतिम ट्वीट में उन्होंने कहा था, ‘शिलांग जा रहा हूं...आइआइएम की धरती पर जीवन को लेकर लेक्चर देना है। जनता के प्रिय राष्ट्रपति रहे कलाम ने शाम साढ़े छह बजे शिलांग में आइआइएम संस्थान में छात्रों को जीवन पर व्याख्यान देना शुरू किया। पांच मिनट के बाद ही वह व्याख्यान देते समय अचानक बेहोश होकर गिर पड़े। हृदयाघात से उनकी हालत बिगड़ गई। उन्हें तुरंत नानग्रिम हिल्स में स्थित बेथनी अस्पताल पहुंचाया गया लेकिन दो घंटे से अधिक समय तक डॉक्टरों के तमाम प्रयासों के बाद भी उन्हें बचाया नहीं जा सका।

Posted on: Jul 28, 2015. Tags: GOVIND SALAM NEWS

Trying for widow pension from 5 years, officers only give false assurances...

Sarla Shriwas is calling from Jaity village and panchayat in Bharatpur block of Korea district in Chhattisgarh where village women tell her that 4 of them are not getting widow pension from 5 years. They are very poor and are surviving some how after doing daily wage labor work. This was complained to officials but no action has been taken. You are requested to call CEO@9165086873 to help suffering widows. For more please call Villagers@8889890578, Amardeen@9009742962, Sanjay@8959923488.

Posted on: Jul 28, 2015. Tags: Sarla Shriwas

No electricity in our village, we go 10 kms for charging our mobile phones...

We need to go 10 kms for charging our mobile phones because we don’t have electric in our village till date says Rajesh kumar Verma from Chaur village and panchayat in Jawa block of Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh. More than 2000 people live in village. Majority are from Dalit and Adivasi community. This was complained to officials many times but no action has been taken. You are requested to call Chief Engineer@9425424250 and Collector@9425903973 to help.Rajesh Verma@9685814609.

Posted on: Jul 28, 2015. Tags: ELECTRICITY RAJESH KUMAR VERMA

Paid bribe of Rs 3000 to officers for help for house last year, no support yet...

Rajesh Kumar is visiting Rajguru village in Hunterganj block of Chatra district in Jharkhand and talking to villagers who tell him that some of them paid Rs 3000 as bribe to Panchayat Sewak for getting Indira Awas houses last year but are still waiting for the same. They complained many times but officers don’t respond. You are requested to call Panchayat Sewak@08083511546 and Panchayat Committee@9975993658 to help suffering people.Rajesh Kumar@7739580923

Posted on: Jul 28, 2015. Tags: Rajesh Kumar

Our school roof leaking, we can't study in rains these days, please help us...

Brijesh Kumar is visiting Kolmojra Ahirantola village under Konikala panchayat of Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh and talking to children who tell him that the school building is in dilapidated condition. Water leaks from ceiling in rainy days. Education is suffering. This was complained to collector but no action has been taken till date. You are requested to call Collector@9425903973 and BRC@9752688001, CAC@9229028790 to help suffering children.Brijesh Kumar@8821806041.

Posted on: Jul 27, 2015. Tags: BRIJESH KUMAR EDUCATION

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