We worked for Govt in 2011 but still waiting for honorarium, Pls call officers...

JM Rangeela is visiting Navadih block headquarters of Bokaro district in Jharkhand where Mithilesh Mahto and other tell him that 66 of them worked in economic census as enumerator in 2011 and also in Aadhar cards in 2015. They have already submitted report to office but are still waiting honorarium though they have been called back to work. They are requesting to listeners of Swara to call Statistics Officer@9431940421 and SDO@8987447441 to help them.
JM Rangeela@8877185940

Posted on: Feb 14, 2016. Tags: JM RANGEELA

Our school building construction work started 4 years ago, not completed yet...

Naresh Bunkar is visiting Pipertola village in Pandariya block of Kabirdham Chhattisgarh where villagers tell him that their village is situated on the hill and Baiga Adivasi peoples live there. A primary school building is being built there from more than 4 years but is still not completed. Students study in a rental house. They are suffering. Officers are not paying attention. They are appealing to listeners of Swara to call BRC@9981848449 to help them.
Naresh Bunkar@8720822286

Posted on: Feb 14, 2016. Tags: EDUCATION NARESH BUNKAR

40 old people not getting pension from 8 months, please call officer to help...

Tuman Ji is calling from Akhrari Colony village , Post- Khaja, Tahsil- Jawa, District- Rewa of Madhya Pradesh and says that in his village around 40 old people are not getting old age Pension from last 8 months, which leads to many problems for them as they are not able to buy medicine and many of them are in starving situation. You are requested to please call Pension Officer@9893925290 to help these suffering old people. No one is helping them. For more Tuman Ji@8516964325

Posted on: Feb 14, 2016. Tags: Tuman Rewa

सुन्दर शुभूमि भइया भारत के देशवासी....देशभक्ति बटोहिया गीत

ग्राम-मालीघाट, जिला-मुजफ्फरपुर, बिहार से लोकगायिका अनीता कुमारी भोजपुरी भाषा में एक बटोहिया गीत गा रही हैं:
सुन्दर शुभूमि भइया भारत के देशवासी-
मोरा प्राण बसे ही मा कोहा रे बटोहिया-
एक द्वार घेरे रामा हिम कुटा बलवासी-
तीन द्वार सिन्धु लहराए रे बटोहिया-
चहूं-चहूं भइया रे बटोही हे देखि आहू-
जहवां कुहुक कोइली बोले रे बटोहिया-
सुन्दर शुभूमि भइया भारत के देशवासी-
गंगा रे जमुनवा के जगमग पनिया से-
सरयुग झमक लहराइ रे बटोहिया-
सुन्दर शुभूमि भइया भारत के देशवासी....

Posted on: Feb 14, 2016. Tags: SARLA SHRIWAS

Today's News from newspapers in Gondi : 13th February 2016 -

दिल्ली : आधार के बिना धसक रही राशन प्रणाली –
मंडला : बाहुल्य मंडला अब भी पोलियो ग्रस्त –
बीजापुर और नारायणपुर के मजदूर चेन्न्ई में बंधक -

Posted on: Feb 13, 2016. Tags: NEWS RAMESH KUNJAM

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