A Surrendered Nomad and his Valentine wedding

Ramlal, a resident of Bandipara Parcheli, was only seventeen when he joined the Maoists. Today, a twenty-two-year-old, he recalls the brutalities of the work and hardships of daily life.

Ramlal worked as the Deputy Commander of the Platoon Section of DVC Security Force (DVC Suraksha Dalam). To protect himself, he used the alias Mamu. As Deputy Commander, he worked in
the security services to protect Maoist party leaders. He looked over a team of 6. They travelled from village to village as the party leaders’ security force. Aside from the dangers that came with the job, Ramlal struggled with the lack of basic amenities such as housing and food. He says the Maoists troubled him greatly. He was forced to work in dire conditions – be it extreme heat or heavy rain, Ramlal was expected to stay alert and continue working. This nomadic lifestyle did not suit him.

He met his wife in Mangir, back in the July of 2019. She also worked with the Maoists but Vetti was hesitant to reveal what she did. They are now newly-weds – and had their wedding on Valentine’s
Day this year too. The significance of the day, however, is lost on them. Their life has always had more pressing issues that concerned them.

When he was with Maoists, a bounty of 3 lakh rupees was placed on his head by the police. Tired of the lifestyle and constant fear for his life, Ramlal decided to surrender. His wife surrendered on
November 18 last year, followed by his surrender 5 days later. They had to leave their old village and have joined the District Reserve Guard (DRG) at Dantewada. When asked if he earns enough for a
livelihood, he meekly says ‘yes’. He earns Rs. 12,000 per month while working with the DRG, which he says will be increased with time. Ramlal plans on taking up farming like his parents and the rest of
his family. When asked about his life he says it is significantly better today, but seemingly, the ghosts of his past still follow.

Reported by Anna Abraham

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“Vinod said they had made a mistake and should not have killed Mittu”

The Maoists usually give 2 warnings to a person before killing them. As a result, when Mittu Markam left for Hiroli to meet the Maoists on 1st July 2020, he had no expectation that he would be seeing his wife for the last time.

“Mittu said he would be back by evening. At around 3 pm, we got a call from his big brother in the village, saying his car is by the side of the road and he did not know where the Naxals had taken him,” said Bhime Markam, who had been married to Mittu Markam for over 20 years.

Ms. Markam then went to Hiroli with her 3 children, aged 16, 13 and 11. They searched for an hour before finding his body in Hiroli.

“They had killed him and thrown his body on the side of the road. His legs and hands were tied and his neck was slashed,” recalled Ms Markam.

Mittu Markam had worked hard to create opportunities for his family. Prior to 2016, he lived in their village of Madakamiras in Kirandul, Dantewada. However, he was determined not to let this affect his children’s education.

“My father picked me up and dropped me everyday to a private school 10 kms from our village, just so I could have a good education,” remembers Sonu Markam, now in 7th grade. Sonu now lives with his mother Bhime at an accomodation provided by the National Minerals Development Corporation (NMDC), where Mittu had worked for the last 5 years prior to his murder.

Even after shifting to Kirandul (the nearby town) after getting this well paying job, Mittu would regularly return to his ancestral village for festivals and holidays. He freely shared his wealth with the other villagers, according to his wife, even sponsoring a big vessel that was used as a communal plate for villagers to eat out of during festivals. His wife believes that his newfound success aroused the envy of other villagers, who conspired to have him killed. She believes that a local militia leader named Kailash had Mittu killed, with the implicit approval of the local commander Vinod Hemka. A team of journalists later asked Vinod the reason for Mittu’s murder, to which he admitted making a mistake.

“What good is it to say sorry after killing my husband? They should have at least tied him up before killing him in such a hurry,” said Bhime Markam, tears welling up in her eyes.

In line with the wishes of Mittu Markam, the family does not want the incident to affect the education of their 2 younger children. However, this is proving difficult as NMDC has asked them to vacate their accommodation as Mittu no longer works for them, in which case they would have to return to their village where education standards are abysmal.

The collector of Dantewada assured us that a separate accommodation would be given to Bhime Markam for the remainder of her life. Bhime is also hopeful for the future as her entire family has pulled together in this time of crisis. She plans to get the one government job legally due to her as a victim for her eldest child, who has completed 12th grade so that he can support the 2 younger brothers in completing their education fully.

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पीड़ितों का रजिस्टर: नक्सलियों ने बिना कारण ही जान से मार दिए, आर्थिक स्थिति से हैं परेशान...

ग्राम पंचायत- मालेवाही, ब्लाक-लोहंडीगुड़ा, जिला-बस्तर, (छत्तीसगढ़) से रामेश्वर बता रहे है उनके घर में 6 परिवार है, उनके पिता कबुराम जी उनके चाचा को नक्सलियों के द्वारा 2005-6 के बीच मारे गए है, और उनका गांव शहर से 9 किलोमीटर अंदर गांव में है, उन्होनें कई बार कलेक्टर के पास शिकायत भी कियें, परन्तु अभी तक कोई मदद नही मिली है, सभी साथी से मदद कि अपील कर रही है| सम्पर्क नम्बर@ 9174552990.


चुटकुला:मै तो क्लाश में चुपचाप सो रहा था

लखनऊ (उत्तरप्रदेश) से सविता एक चुटकुला सुना रही हैं:
पिता जी,संजय क्यूँ रो रहे हो
संजय, पिता जी सर ने मारा
पिता जी,लगता है तुमने कोई गडबडी की होगी
संजय,नही मै तो क्लाश में चुपचाप सो रहा था (AR)

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चुटकुला :मिंटू कल परीक्षा है और मैंने कुछ नही लिखा

बीकानेर (राजस्थान) से नारायण एक चुटकुला सुना रहे हैं |
एक दिन दो दोस्त, चिंटू और मिंटू बैठे थे तो
चिंटू, ने कहा मिंटू कल परीक्षा है और मैंने कुछ नही लिखा
मिंटू,ओह तब तो बहोत परेशानी की बात है टीचर सोचेगें की
हम दोनों एक दूसरे की नक़ल की है|(AR)

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