IDP village of 40 adivasi families from Chhattisgarh in AP has no facilities...

Sheikh Haneef is visiting Toggudem village in Uperu panchayat in Kukunur mandal of West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh where 40 adivasi families live. These are Internally Displaced People ( IDPs) from Chhattisgarh who were forced to flee their homes due to Maoist conflict there. They say in their new village they have no water, road, electricity or anganwadi. children are malnourished, school is far so they don’t go to school. He requests us to call officers to help these suffering people and children. Haneef@8106546745


Gondi song by Internally Displaced Adivasis from Chhattisgarh in Telangana

Dr Haneef is visiting a village Kottur in Khammam district in Telangana ( earlier Andhra Pradesh) where 50 Internally displaced Person (IDP) adivasi families now live. They migrated from Chhattisgarh because of ongoing conflict there between Maoists and security forces. Boys and girls from the community sings a song in their Gondi language where they are describing the problems they are facing in their new lives in a new place. For more Dr Haneef is at 09490353568
नीमा हिगा नीमा हिगा आले बड़ आतीनं …
नीमा वाया नीमा वाया नुनीले आले बड़ आतीन ।
नीमा वाया नीमा वाया नुनीले आले बड़ आतीन ।
नन्दा देवो नन्दा देवो नुनीले आले बड़ आतींन
नीमा वाया नीमा वाया मोरोल हकिन मुवुड मोरोल
हकिन मुवुड आले बड़ आतीन ।
नीवा वाया नीवा नुनीले आले बड़ आतीन ।
उपे तोका उपे तोका जुडूम ऒ आले बड़
आतीन नीवा वाया नीवा वाया ।
उड़ान हेरु उड़ान हेरु तोपों ली आले बड़ आतीन
नीमा वाया नीमा वाया नानोली आले बड़ आतीन ।
नीमा वाया नीमा वाया ।
नीमा हिगा नीमा हिगा आले बड़ आतीन ।
तिदन ढोढा तिदन ढोढा ढोरकों आले बड़ आतीन
वाया नानो ली वाया कुर्दी पैसा कुर्दी पैसा कुली आले बाले आतीन
नीमा वाया नीमा नानोली आले बड़ आतींन ।
सौ रूपया सौ रूपया सौ रूपया कुली कितके कुली कितके ढ़ोकिता
आले बड़ आतीन नीमा वाया नीमा वाया नानोली
आले बड़ आतीन वाया
नानोली वाया


Pls come and join us in school: Migrated Adivasi children sing Telugu song

Dr Haneef from Bhadrachalam district in Andhra Pradesh is visiting Krishna Sagar village. Migrated Adivasis from Chhattisgarh also live in this village. There is no school for these Gondi speaking children in the village. Some of the children go to Govt run Kasturba school where they learn in Telugu. Some of them have come home during festival and sing a song in Telugu inviting all those children who do not go to school to join them. For more Dr Haneef can be reached at 09492092811

Posted on: Mar 12, 2013. Tags: DR HANEEF EDUCATION

Chhattisgarhi Adivasi woman in Andhra sings a song in Gondi about their life...

My name is Dr Haneef. I am calling from Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh. Today I am visiting Mote village where many adivasis who have migrated from Chhattisgarh are living. There are 45 huts here. These people do not have any facility like ration card, NREGA work or voter card. They also do not have drinking water facility. An adivasi woman sings a Gondi song about the problmes in their lives in Andhra Pradesh. For more on the song please contact Dr Haneef 09492092811

Posted on: Jan 27, 2013. Tags: Dr Haneef

FRA: Adivasis dont get land deeds but non adivasis are capturing forest land...

Dr Haneef in Bhdrachalam mandal of Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh is visiting a village called Chintalgudem where he meets an adivasi Ponem Narsaiah who tells him that he is cultivating forest land from generations but have not got land deeds under forest rights act. But many non adivasi agents are coming to the region after announcement of Polavaram dam nearby and are trying to capture forest land whereas adivasis are waiting for land deeds. For more Dr Haneef can be reached at 09490353568

Posted on: Jan 08, 2013. Tags: DR HANEEF FOREST LAND

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