impact: 6 महीने से नल खराब था, सीजीनेट सांथियो के प्रयासों बन गया है-

ग्राम-नवाडीह, जिला-सूरजपुर (छत्तीसगढ़) से ननकूराम मरकाम बता रहे हैं कि उनके पारा में 6 महीने से नल खराब था, लोगो को पानी की समस्या हो रही थी, लगभग 25 परिवार नल से पानी उपयोग करते थे, नल के सुधार के लिए उन्होंने संबंधित विभाग में आवेदन दिया, लेकिन कोई निराकरण नही हो रहा था, जिसके बाद उन्होंने 3 महीने पहले सीजीनेट में अपनी समस्या को रिकॉर्ड किया, अब सीजीनेट के सांथियो के प्रयासों से पानी की समस्या हल हो चुकी है, इसलिए वे सीजीनेट के सांथियो और संबंधित अधकारियों को धन्यवाद दे रहे हैं |


No subsidized ration though entry was made, No action after investigation...

Ajay Kumar Kol is calling from Champagarh village in Jawa tehsil of Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh and says we did not get the subsidized foodgrains for June 2015 though false entry was made in some cards. After complaint this was investigated by food inspector but no action has been taken. Society code is 2501045. Please call Dealer@9752066475, Food Inspector@7771011236 and President@9752555112 to regularize distribution of subsidized ration. Ajay Kumar@7389213190.

Posted on: Jul 21, 2015. Tags: AJAY KUMAR KOL FOOD RATION CARD

Worked under NREGA year back, No wages, Some didn't work got wages...

Ajay Kumar from Rashtriya Dalit Mahasabha cycling with Bundelkhand Vikas adhikar Yatra is talking to villagers in Lohargaon village in Kadaura block Jalaun district of UP today who tell him that 35 of them worked under NREGA from 1st January 2013. Year has passed but they have not got their wages. Some who did not work have got wages, they allege. You are requested to call the officer who ordered the work at 09415474325. For more Ajay Ji can be reached at 09198945609

Posted on: Jan 03, 2014. Tags: AJAY KUMAR NREGA

Primitive tribal group Kolamis request for help for drinking water in Andhra...

My name is Vedma Vijaykumar. I am calling from Burki village, Tipipalvari Gram Panchayat in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. In this village we are 45 Kolami primitive tribals living from pre-Independence era but still we do not have any drinking water, road or Indiramma houses. We are very poor. Please help us. For more Kaniti Yadhvrao ji can be reached at 09494433383.

Posted on: Apr 23, 2013. Tags: VEDMA VIAJAYAKUMAR WATER

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